Juliu’s panzió

Juliu’s panzió

Juliu’s panzió


About the pension

Juliu's Pension is located in a representative region of Szeklerland, in the Ciuc Depression, more precisely, in the town of Miercurea Ciuc. Situated near the exit of the city to Brasov, it is easy to reach and is a popular stopover, for tourists from the area and further away. The 3-star hotel-restaurant offers a relaxing and comfortable stay for larger groups and families as well as singles.

Șumuleu Ciuc

Șumuleu Ciuc is a famous pilgrimage site in Transylvania. The church and chapel on a beautiful hill offer an unforgettable view. The Pentecost pilgrimage and traditional rituals with people dressed in folk costumes preserve a tradition dating back several hundred years.

Roman Catholic Church

This church has a special cultural and religious significance for the town. Its architecture and picturesque landscape fascinate visitors. The sanctuary and interior decorations show the richness and beauty of the religious tradition.

Frumoasa Dam

The Frumoasa Dam is a paradise for those who love the beauties of nature. A beautiful lake surrounded by green forests invites you for walks and there are picnic spots as well. Walking trails and viewpoints allow panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Lake St Anne

Lake St Anne is a true wonder of nature, the deep blue water and its surroundings offer a picturesque view. This volcanic lake is surrounded by forests and mountains, ideal places for hiking and nature excursions.

Lonely Rock

A famous natural formation is the Lonely Rock, offering an impressive landscape of rock formations. The huge rocks shaped over centuries of weathering are truly a sight to behold. The beauty of the place and the power of nature offer a unique experience.

Izvoare stream

The crystal-clear water of the Izvoare stream runs through the beautiful landscape. The water's edge, the waterfalls and the path of this stream through the forest trees seem to be straight out of a fairy tale. A walk or a short break in these places surrounded by the tranquillity of nature can be very pleasant.

Zetea Dam

The Zetea Dam is an impressive water protection system in a beautiful landscape. The dam encircles the water and offers the possibility to relax and walk in the fresh air. From the height of the dam a panoramic view of the surrounding beauties opens up before visitors.